Weekly Message #6-31

imagesI am feeling grateful for the love and support of the men in my life on Mother’s Day.  At the same time, I miss my Mom just a bit more on this day.   I hope that all of you with mothers, who are mothers or who will soon be mothers (Melissa!) enjoyed some family time on this beautiful sunny weekend.

I am also thankful for the amazing Staff Appreciation lunch we all enjoyed on Friday.  Our PAC is growing every day in its membership and capacity to support us and the school.  I look forward to seeing what they plan to do next and thank all of you for the words and actions of support that you shared with the parents and their projects.

The long awaited staffing meeting will happen (probably 🙂 ) this Wednesday morning so please expect a staffing meeting soon after.


  1. Grade 7 Grad planning meeting at lunch on Monday in Room 103.
  2. Ready, Set, Learn event for preschoolers on Tuesday afternoon.  Thanks to Karl for organizing this.
  3. Patti at Staffing meeting at VSB on Wednesday morning.
  4. VEPVPA book presentation at Shaughnessy on Wednesday afternoon.  Alexis, Karl and two students will be attending.

Have a great week everyone.


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