Weekly Message #6-32

images-1Another weekend flies by.  David’s band had two gigs this weekend at the ANAF.  It was great to see Barb and her friend, Jan, out on Saturday night.  The biggest surprise of the performance was the waitress from the ANAF who got up to sing with the band and turned out to have an amazing voice!

We will be talking about our staffing plan on Monday morning at recess.  It is pretty much good news for us (especially compared to other schools).  We were given .6 for our LIF! (last year was .3).  The timeline is very short and I have to submit postings by Thursday.  It looks like we will likely be posting three positions.  Looking forward to your thoughts and input.

Thank you to Karl who will be taking two of our parents to the New Curriculum Information night on Monday evening.  Our parents are looking forward to learning more about the curriculum.


  1. Staffing meeting at recess in the staffroom
  2. Grade 7 Grad planning meeting at lunch in Room 103
  3. Patti at a meeting at the VSB on Tuesday morning.
  4. Last PAC meeting of the year on Tuesday night.  We will be thanking our executive and especially Paul Thandi for chairing the past few years.  Staff are always welcome to attend.
  5. Patti & Karl at an area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge.
  6. Neighbourhood clean up on Thursday afternoon -Thanks to Harj for organizing this

Two four day weeks in a row!  Have a great week everyone.



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