Weekly Message #6-34

The Earth needed the rain and hopefully this weekend provided!  A good excuse to stick around home and get some jobs done.  Also a good time to get some sleep in order to be ready for the upcoming June marathon.


A huge congratulations to Maggie and Marilyn for putting together a fantastic display for last week’s Celebration of Inquiry event.  Thanks also to Sousana and anyone else who gave them a hand.  There have been so many exciting projects launched this year as part of our Inquiry learning and teaching.  We are planning to submit an application soon for next year so that teachers can continue to have access to collaborative planning time.

Thank you to Karl, the K teachers and the resource team for organizing this week’s Welcome to Kindergarten event.  We currently have over 70 students registered for K and look forward to a chance to check them out.

Tennis is now over – thank you to Dan for organizing this program.  We are grateful to our PAC for paying half the cost of the program for our students.

This is a week of School Based team in the hopes that we can clear out our list of students.  Sorry for any inconvenience this causes to your schedules.


  1. Social Committee meeting at lunch on Monday
  2. Welcome to Kindergarten from 10 – 12 on Tuesday morning
  3. Volunteer Tea Committee meeting at lunch on Tuesday
  4. Aboriginal Education School Based Team on Wednesday and Friday from 11-12.
  5. Summer School Teachers meeting at lunch on Wednesday.  (I understand that this conflicts with a few other things but time is running out and there aren’t any days left that con’t conflict for someone,  We will make sure to pass on info to anyone who can’t make it.
  6. Moberly Idol auditions will also take place this week – sorry didn’t write down the times but I think it is Wednesday at lunch (primaries)  and Thursday after school (intermediates).
  7. Extended School Based Team on Thursday morning in Room 103.
  8. Student Council year end party at lunch on Thursday in the library.
  9. Assembly on Thursday afternoon at 1:00 sponsored by Divs. 6 & 7.
  10. SSA meeting at 8:15 on Friday morning.

Have a great week everyone!



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