Weekly Message #6-36

imgres-3Congratulations to the Sports Day committee – the day went off without a hitch.  Well organized and I think all the kids got their food in a timely and accurate manner.  The weather wasn’t perfect but we got through it!

Let the casting begin!  Tomorrow is the first day of class casting and I realize that I haven’t even chatted with people regarding the special needs placements.  Will get on that first thing Monday morning.  Please remember that although you want to think ahead of time of where your students would be best placed, you also need to be flexible as we work to balance classes.  Class casting is a challenging task and I thank you in advance for your hard work on this.

Schedule for this week:

  • Monday       K to 1
  • Tuesday       1 to 2
  • Thursday     2 to 3
  • Friday           3 to 4

Our interview committees for the Resource and Gr. 1/2 are going back to the drawing board on Monday as all three of our selected candidates have accepted positions elsewhere.

SSAs are reminded that we are moving to Schedule #9 tomorrow.


  1. Karl is away Monday and Tuesday.
  2. Transition meetings for two new K’s at Moberly on Monday afternoon.   Patti & a Resource teacher to attend.
  3. Class casting as above
  4. Patti & Karl at an area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge
  5. Patti at a meeting at the VSB on Wednesday afternoon.
  6. Resource reports due Wednesday.
  7. Patti at a meeting at the VSB on Friday morning until 10ish -back in time for casting 🙂

Three weeks to go!

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