Weekly Message #6-37

We spent Father’s Day in Chilliwack at my youngest sister’s home – she put on a delicious brunch for all of us.  The highlight was visiting with her twelve 6 week old labradoodle puppies – so adorable and obviously very popular as they have already sold 9 of them!  Hoping all of you had a great Father’s Day.

We have completed our interviews and have 3 successful candidates.  I don’t have the name of our new PE prep person so Karl will let you know on Monday afterschool. Rick Pachler is our new Gr. 1/2 teacher and Pamela Lee (who subbed for Bernadette when she was off) is our new Resource Teacher.

We have three more grades to cast this week and then that task will be done until we review classes in September.  Thank you for all your efforts and the careful thought you give to this process.

We will have a staff meeting on Monday right after school and all staff members should make every effort to attend.  I will be updating you on the VSB long range facility plan – focusing on the Proposed List of Possible School Closures.  Just about every school in Vancouver will be affected in some way should the closures go forward.

Our big event this week is Grade 7 grad.  I know that not everyone has chosen to pay the cost to attend our luncheon on Friday.  If you are not there, you will get a chance to share in the celebration when the valedictorian speeches are read at our awards ceremony next week.  Also, we will continue with the Grade 7 run on the last day of school so we can all bid them good luck and farewell.


  1. Class casting this week:
  • Monday – Gr. 4 to 5
  • Tuesday – Gr. 5 to 6
  • Thursday – Gr. 6 to 7

2. Staff meeting re school closures Monday after school in the staffroom

3. Health & Safety meeting Friday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom

Have a great week everyone!




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