Weekly Message #6-38

The last weekly message of the school year!  It was a quiet weekend at the Plottel home -thankfully.  So nice to just rest and get a few things done.  As we head in to the final week for students we can look forward to nothing but sunshine!


The Grade 7 grad went as smooth as silk thanks to the many people who worked to make it happen.  Thanks to the parent volunteers, students and most of all the Grade 7 teachers.  Maria’s class did a wonderful job of filling both gyms with stars and we are very grateful to Harj for booking the DJ and finding/booking the caterer.

Thanks also to Karl for booking and organizing the Aquavan.  I heard lots of positive comments from the students about their experience in the program.

On a sad note, when I went to get the awards from the front hall for this week’s assembly, I discovered that the Vijay Misri award was missing.  Please keep your eyes open for it – but I suspect it was stolen. 😦 We will replace it but if you have any memory of who has won the award in the past, please let me know.

I am looking forward to Moberly Idol on Tuesday and if the talent at the Volunteer Tea was indicative of what we will see this year, we are in for a treat!  Also, I can hardly wait to see the staff dance group!

A reminder to everyone that if students are leaving before the last day, you should not give them their report cards.  Report cards will not be released until Wednesday.


  1. Health & Safety meeting on Monday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom.
  2. Moberly Idol Tuesday morning 9:00 – until it’s over!
  3. Awards Assembly Wednesday morning 9:00 – 10:30
  4. Staff Breakfast Thursday morning at 8:00 – make sure you check out Barb’s instructions emailed to us on Friday.

Have a great last week everyone!


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