Weekly Message #7-1


Welcome back everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer break.  Congratulations to Shannon on her wedding this summer – a beautiful bride!

We are heading in to an exciting year with lots of challenges / excitement.  Here are a few upcoming topics on our radar:

  1. Full implementation of the new curriculum
  2. A very limited budget based on cutbacks
  3. Consideration of closure of Trudeau (decision in December) which could lead to closure of the DRPC and inclusion of up to 300 more students at Moberly for September 2017.

In spite of these challenges, I know it is going to be a SUPER year given our amazing staff and the work we have already done towards following the new curriculum.  I look forward to supporting the changes you are making to plan lessons which are inclusive and student focused.

This year’s theme is “Superheroes / What’s your superpower?”   and I think it will support our students in developing their confidence and understanding their own personal goals. I have picked up a few theme books to support this topic and would love to come and visit your classrooms to read to the students.   Hopefully this year’s theme will be fun for everyone.

Information packages are in your boxes but please take note of the following assignments for non-enrolling teachers the first week.  I will update you on staff changes and enrolment numbers at Tuesday’s meeting.  Thanks in advance to everyone for their flexibility and support.

  1. New students will report to Harjinder (intermediate) Rm 203 or Theresa (primary) Rm 005.
  2. Pamela will take last year’s K (Wong) in Room 110 from Wednesday morning for the rest of the week.
  3. Anita will collect last year’s K (Lancaster) from Rm 116 on Wednesday morning and will take them for the rest of the week to Rm 207
  4. Anne/ Tim will collect last year’s K (Badh) from Rm 115 on Wednesday morning and take them for the rest of the week to Rm 021
  5. Shannon will take Mira/Arwyn’s class from Rm 106 to the library for the rest of the week. Melissa’s TOC will be with them on Friday.

In addition, please note that the fee information in your packages is not correct (it’s last year’s – sorry)  As discussed at staff committee, all students will be paying $45 this year.


  1. Staff meeting on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. in the staffroom.
  2. Updated training for those working with the Blue twins at 9:45 with Sarah Thorsteinson.
  3. Staff meeting on Thursday at 12:10 in the staffroom
  4. SSSA meeting in the library at 8:15 on Friday morning

Have a great first week everyone!


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