Weekly Message #7-2

28588d6aa020ddd47ab1f598e5ef616cA beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine – what a bonus!  Hope you all got lots of sleep as we head into the first full week with your new classes.

Our new teacher librarian for this year is Rosemary Milne who comes to us from Carleton.  Thank you making her welcome.  Bal has agreed to do a crossover day on Monday so that she can fill Rosemary in on what has happened so far this year.

“The filmmaker Tiffany Shlain of The Moxie Institute explores strengths and natural “superpowers” in her new web film “The Science of Character,” which suggests that if we can identify our inherent character strengths and build on them, we can lead happier, more successful lives.”

The idea behind this year’s theme is to help students become confident learners who not only know what their strengths are, but also how to focus their attention on areas they’d like to build as strengths.  We will be encouraging them to look inward to unlock what they are passionate about and support them in setting goals for themselves.  Hopefully, it will also be fun! 🙂


  1. Resource teachers meeting at 2:00 in Room 207.  Rep our new Learning Buddies program will be there.
  2. Supervision Aide meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday in the staffroom
  3. First PAC meeting of the year on Tuesday night.  We are looking for two reliable grade 7 babysitters if you have any recommendations.

Have a great week everyone!


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