Weekly Message #7-9

imageI hope you are enjoying the brief sunshine today as the rain will soon be back with us.  Happy Diwali to those of you who are celebrating.  A challenge to all staff to see if we can increase the number of people dressed for Vaisakhi when it comes in April!

Monday is a busy day with the t-shirt sale, concession and assembly on top of anything you are planning in your classrooms.  I am hoping it will all go smoothly!


  1. Toonie T-Shirt sale on Monday – Student Council members will be sorting shirts at recess and the sale will be a lunch.  Please encourage students to pick up a shirt for $2.
  2. Assembly at 1:00 in the new gym.  Thank you to Division 1 for hosting.
  3. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday at 11:00.
  4. Staff Committee on Tuesday at lunch.  Agenda items to the clipboard by noon on Monday please.
  5. Gr. 7 Student Council members are going to We Day on Thursday with Karl and Tim.
  6. Patti will be away on Thursday and Friday.  Jane will be in charge on Thursday.
  7. SSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 a.m. in the library.

Have a great week everyone!


Weekly Message #7-8


My two favourite guys at Whistler!

It’s just past 9:30 p.m. and we just walked through the door after a wonderful weekend at Whistler.  Although it rained a fair bit, it was fairly clear on Saturday and Sunday when we were exploring the village.  The conference speaker, Yong Zhao, was excellent and made strong connections between his philosophy and how it relates to our new curriculum.  Here is a link to a particularly compelling example provided by the speaker:  Austin’s butterfly

Hope you all had a good experience with your pro-d events on Friday. If you have a link or a hand out you’d like to share, please let me know and we’ll make it happen!


  1. Patti away on Monday
  2. School Based team with SLP on Wednesday – agendas went out a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Health & Safety Meeting this Friday at 8:15 in the staffroom.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #7-7

imagesWell we survived the “storms” – hopefully none the worse for wear.  The forecast continues to be nothing but rain for the foreseeable future but hey…it’s Vancouver!  It’s a short week with the kids but a busy one.

Please make sure that you have let the office know whether you are doing October or December interviews as I will be including this information in a newsletter to go home on Monday.

Also, please make sure you have submitted a self-directed plan to Brenden if you plan to be off site on Friday.  Karl and I will be at Whistler this weekend for annual Vancouver Administrators’ conference.

A reminder to everyone that the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) agreement needs to be done by the end of October.  Please see Patti or Karl if you are having any trouble accessing it.


  1. Goal Setting Interviews on Tuesday (2-8) and Wednesday (3-6).  Early dismissal for all students on Tuesday.
  2. PAC meeting on Tuesday night from 7 – 8:30ish.  Teachers are welcome to attend if they wish.
  3. Patti & Karl will be at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Jane will be in charge.
  4. Prep make up for the early dismissal day will be on Wednesday afternoon  I will have Miranda’s class and Karl will have the other 3 groups.
  5. Subway hot lunch on Thursday.  Thanks in advance to Maria’s class who will be delivering the food to your classrooms for distribution.  We are going to try to avoid the line up that happened last time.   Please let us know if this works better.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #7-6

imgres-3Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We just got back from walking the dogs – took advantage of a break in the rain – although it looks like more is coming.  Best wishes to you and your families on this Thanksgiving weekend.  I am thankful for working with all of you!  For those who missed the “Super snacks for Super staff” on Friday, we will catch up with you on Tuesday.  The leftover snacks will go in the staffroom for your eating pleasure.

It’s a busy week for School Based Team.  We have three meetings this week – one with Kathy Grimm and 2 (Aboriginal) with Kim Kondra.  Agendas are in your boxes.  Please remember that we have a process for referring students to SBT.  When you are concerned about a student, please have a conversation with your Resource Teacher.  Between the two of you, you will decide what assessments / interventions need to take place at a Tier 2 level.  When you arrive at SBT, you should have documented the impact / results of your plan for our discussion.

For the next three weeks, we will be focusing on “Real life Heroes” on the morning announcements.  The announcements will be a little bit longer than usual.  It would be great if you could follow up in your classrooms.

We will be having our first lockdown drill for the year on Thursday.  Please take the time to prepare your students for the drill.  You can refer to the one page summary of the drills in your red file (added this year) and/or your flip book for guidelines during lockdown drills.


  1. School based team with Kathy Grimm on Tuesday at 11:00 in Room 103
  2. Supervision Aide meeting on Wednesday at 11:00 in the staff room
  3. Aboriginal School based team on Thursday and Friday at 11:00 in Room 103
  4. First Student Council meeting of the year on Thursday at lunch in the library.  Please remind your reps.
  5. Lockdown drill on Thursday afternoon.

Have a great four day week everyone!

Weekly Message #7-5

imgres-1I am hearing that Wednesday’s “Super Parents Night” was a success and look forward to hearing more details when I return tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone (and especially Karl, Yvette and Manpreet) for working so hard to keep things rolling in my absence.  I am feeling much better and will be happy to back in the saddle tomorrow.

It seems like a relatively quiet week at Moberly but definitely not quiet at the district office.  You have probably all heard that both the Superintendent and the Secretary Treasurer are now on health leave.  There has been much speculation in the press regarding the reasons for their absences.  Here is a link to a CBC article related to this issue.  Article re VSB absences  While this drama plays out, we will continue to work with our students –  planning, preparing and teaching as usual.

We have submitted our numbers for the 1701 count and I can’t thank the office staff and resource teachers enough for their tireless efforts in making sure we count as many kids as possible.  Your support and input into this process are much appreciated.  We will now head into the first week of October with resource programs up and running!

Congratulations to Shivani who is the successful applicant to replace Rav for this school year.  It’s wonderful to have her as a regular part of our SSA team.


  1. Supervision Aide Meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday morning.
  2. Patti away Tuesday afternoon.
  3. Staff Committee on Thursday at lunch – agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by noon on Wednesday please.
  4. SSA meeting on Friday at 8:15.

Have a great week everyone – long weekend coming up!