Weekly Message #7-5

imgres-1I am hearing that Wednesday’s “Super Parents Night” was a success and look forward to hearing more details when I return tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone (and especially Karl, Yvette and Manpreet) for working so hard to keep things rolling in my absence.  I am feeling much better and will be happy to back in the saddle tomorrow.

It seems like a relatively quiet week at Moberly but definitely not quiet at the district office.  You have probably all heard that both the Superintendent and the Secretary Treasurer are now on health leave.  There has been much speculation in the press regarding the reasons for their absences.  Here is a link to a CBC article related to this issue.  Article re VSB absences  While this drama plays out, we will continue to work with our students –  planning, preparing and teaching as usual.

We have submitted our numbers for the 1701 count and I can’t thank the office staff and resource teachers enough for their tireless efforts in making sure we count as many kids as possible.  Your support and input into this process are much appreciated.  We will now head into the first week of October with resource programs up and running!

Congratulations to Shivani who is the successful applicant to replace Rav for this school year.  It’s wonderful to have her as a regular part of our SSA team.


  1. Supervision Aide Meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday morning.
  2. Patti away Tuesday afternoon.
  3. Staff Committee on Thursday at lunch – agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by noon on Wednesday please.
  4. SSA meeting on Friday at 8:15.

Have a great week everyone – long weekend coming up!


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