Weekly Message #7-17

imgres-3People are talking everywhere about what the new education funding will mean for us as schools.  Karl & I will be attending an “important information” meeting at the VSB on Monday morning so that they can explain to us what Vancouver is planning.  Of course, we will share everything we know with you asap.  It is possible that we will need to schedule a meeting at recess or lunch on Monday for that purpose.  Hopefully, we will be able to welcome some additional staff this year.

At our PAC meeting on Tuesday night, I will be presenting your wish lists for consideration.  Some items may be funded in the short term and others may be on a longer term list as fundraising continues this year.  The PAC has made enough money to meet their commitment to class funds ($4750) and can begin to look at other priorities.

“Hamelin – A New Fable” will be coming to Moberly on Wednesday afternoon.  I emailed you the study guide last week.  At the very least, you may wish to review the original “Pied Piper of Hamelin” story with your class prior to the performance.


  1. Information meeting for admin on Monday morning – we will be late arriving to school.
  2. John Oliver Articulation breakfast on Tuesday morning.
  3. Assembly led by Division 2 first thing Tuesday morning.  You will be called down.
  4. PAC on Tuesday night – teachers are welcome to attend.
  5. Performance on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 in the big gym.
  6. PAC Hot lunch this Friday.

Have a great week everyone!.


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