Weekly Message #7-18

img_0351Another busy week is upon us culminating with Chinese New Year this Saturday.  Welcome to the year of the Rooster.  It was a lazy weekend at our house as characterized by this week’s picture of Sam – my Dad’s dog.  He sure knows how to relax. A highlight for me was having dinner with Gwen Ingham and Sue Gillis – they both pass on their best regards to everyone on staff.

Thank you to all of the teachers who are slogging their way through the FSA.  It is a time consuming effort and your work is appreciated.  We have a School Based Team this Wednesday with Deanne, our SLP.  If you have a student who needs to be on the agenda, please let me know on Monday morning as there is still room.  Fpr those of you who have started your report card templates – please note that I will be reading even divisions this term and Karl will reading odds.

The darkest two months of the year are over and I am looking forward to moving into brighter days with more hours of light!


  1. School Based Team (SLP) on Wednesday at 11:00.  Agendas will go in boxes on Monday afternoon.
  2. Health & Safety Meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the staffroom.

Have a great week everyone!



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