Weekly Message #7-19

images-1Gung Hey Fat Choy everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  David and I went to see the movie “Hidden Figures” this weekend and I would recommend it highly.  Very engaging story and excellent acting.

This Thursday will be our PAC sponsored movie night.  We will be showing “Trolls” from 3:15 – 5:30.  Staff are welcome to attend.  The movie is free and the concession will be open to sell snacks.  Please encourage students to attend.  Primary parents are welcome to attend with their children if they wish.

Congratulations to Karl and the Gr. 7 Student Council members.  Our Rafiki bracelet sale was a huge success.  We will be very happy to donate a good sum of money to help families in need in Africa.  The next Student Council project will be hot chocolate and donut hole week – order forms will come home next week.

A belated welcome to Michelle Wong who joined our SSA team last week – returning from Mat leave.  She will be job sharing with Cheryl Miller.  Happy to have you as part of our team, Michelle!

As a result of our application to the VSB, we were given 1 FTE of extra staffing to be used as .6 Enrolling classroom support and .4 Resource.  I will be working with the Resource team to come up with a plan of action for this staffing.  Pamela Lee, Kara Huston and Sarah Rogers Rosellini (PE Prep) have all accepted increases to their jobs and so we don’t have to post anything.  This is great news for us.  I am still hoping that we might get a counsellor increase but that is still being discussed at the district level.

William Wong’s retirement party is on Monday.  His last day of work will be on Monday or Tuesday so you may wish to say farewell to him. We welcome Bruce Garnett as the new District Principal -ELL, Student Placement and Newcomer Services.  Bruce comes to us from Surrey where he was working as a secondary Vice Principal.


  1. Meeting for Summer School teachers on Tuesday at lunch in Room 103.
  2. Prep coverage for missed Monday preps will be on Wednesday afternoon.  Karl will share the schedule.
  3. PAC Movie afternoon on Thursday – 3:15 – 5:30 in the new gym.
  4. SSA Meeting in the library on Friday morning at 8:15.

Hoping you all have a great Professional Day on Monday and a wonderful week.



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