Weekly Message #7-20

img_0356And winter is back with a vengeance!  The forecast is for more snow until Wednesday.  Sounds horrific but what can we do?  I am feeling quite a bit better today and hope to be back tomorrow.  My apologies for the unfortunate timing of this absence with our new staffing to organize.  I look forward to working with Dan to put together some workable schedules this week.  Huge thanks to Jane for stepping in for me – I really appreciate it.

This is a busy and short week for me so please speak with me on Monday or Tuesday if you have any pressing needs.  I am at the VSB all day Wednesday and on vacation Thursday and Friday.

Last week’s movie day was a big hit with the parents and students who enjoyed the “Trolls” movie and ate up lots of snacks from the concession.  I know that the PAC is hoping to do some more events like this one with the goal of funding some of our more expensive requests on the wish list.  We couldn’t have carried on without the support of Tim who handled all the audio visual needs.  You are a life saver, Tim.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday at 11:00
  2. Staff Committee meeting on Tuesday at lunch.  Please have your agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by Monday at noon.
  3. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Jane will be in charge.

Have a great week everyone!

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