Weekly Message #7-23

It feels like last week was a whirlwind of activity.  A wonderful week full of great things for staff and students!  This week looks to be busy but less jam packed as we finish up our report cards.

Thank you to Brenden for organizing a very powerful pro-d experience on Friday.  It was obviously very thought provoking in the moment but also provided much food for thought in the long run.  I appreciate the honesty and emotion that was expressed and feel thankful that you will continue to support each other as we consider the responsibility we have to acknowledge and respect the cultural perspectives of the indigenous people of Canada.

dsc00299On that note, I have included a picture of the medicine bags made by Sousana’s students with Kim’s help!  They are really beautiful and the kids are so proud of their work.  On behalf of all of us, I would like to congratulate Sousana who has accepted a secondment to work in the Employee Services department at the VSB from Spring Break to the end of the year.  Sousana will be helping with the recruitment and hiring of new teachers – a much needed outcome of the new/restored staffing requirements.

It’s Hot Chocolate week so thanks in advance for releasing Student Council reps as needed and for the disruptions that food delivery will cause to your classrooms.  We hope it will go smoothly!

Make up preps from Friday will be on Wednesday afternoon – Karl will provide the details.  It’s the penultimate week before Spring Break!  Karl and I are planning our usual movie presentation next Friday (the 10th) from 9:30 – 11:30ish.  Hopefully, this gift of time will allow you to leave for the break with a “spring” in your step!


  1. School Based Team with SLP.  Agendas will be distributed on Monday.  We have space on the agenda if anyone wants to slide in a PRIS form on Monday morning.
  2. Grade 2/3 Reading Group meeting at lunch on Wednesday in the library.
  3. Staff Committee meeting on Thursday at noon in the staffroom.  Please hand in agenda items by noon on Wednesday.
  4. SSA meeting in the library at 8:15 on Friday.
  5. Reports home on Friday.  Please do not send any reports home before Friday.

Have a great week everyone!


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