Weekly Message #7-24


Here’s hoping the daffodils win!

I really believed that I could prevent the snow just by hoping, but apparently not!  Fortunately, it looks like it will all be gone by tomorrow.  It was a great “gig” weekend.  Thanks to Barb (Karen & Teresa) and Tom (Winnie) who came to the Friday night performance.  We were also pleased to see Van & Evie Gale on Saturday night.  Van used to be the PE Teacher at Moberly many years ago now.  The band was in top form and it was a full house!

We are almost to Spring Break – can’t believe it.  I am so glad that we are getting our interviews done this week so we can start fresh on Term 3 after the break.  Please make sure to provide your schedules to the office asap.  I will be staying late on Wednesday night and Karl will take the Thursday shift (I have a meeting at the VSB).

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour next Saturday as we transition back to Daylight Savings Time.


  1. Pro-D meeting on Monday at lunch.
  2. Patti at the area meeting on Wednesday morning – Karl will stay behind to provide make up preps at 9:50 in the morning for those who will miss due to early dismissal on Wednesday and Thursday.
  3. Parent Teacher Interviews – official times 2-8 on Wednesday and 2-6 on Thursday.
  4. Movie time on Friday.  The primaries will be watching “The Secret Life of Pets” with Karl in the old gym.   The intermediates will be watching “The Wild Life” in the new gym with Patti.  Please have students join us at 9:30.  They should bring everything they need for recess with them.  I expect the movies will end around 11:30.  Please be prepared to take your students back at that time.  Enjoy the gift of time!

Have a great week everyone!


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