Weekly Message #7-25

IMG_0374We’ve had a wonderful Spring Break – no travel but lots of time to do jobs on the “to-do” list at home.   It was relaxing to spend time together at home.  It seems like yesterday that David retired but it’s been 9 years!  His retirement gift was our beautiful Labradoodle Stanley.  As I head into my final term, it is with much joy that I let you know that I will also be receiving a puppy for my retirement gift.  Lacey is a Havanese and was born on March 1st.  We have been in communication with her breeder and had thought to wait until after I was home full time but the timeline didn’t work and we fell in love with this little darling.  The picture shows her at 17 days old.  We will be able to bring her home in mid-May.

There are lots of things to do before year end and I look forward to working with all of you to get them done!  We will have some time in April to talk about school plan for next year.  If possible, take some time to think about this ahead of time.  Do we want to continue with a Reading focus or is it time to switch to Math?  Perhaps, you’d like to choose one of the new curriculum areas – Applied Design and Technology for example – as a focus.

I will put teacher preference sheets in your boxes early this week so that you can provide me with information regarding your assignment for next year.  SSSA’s will receive theirs later in the Spring when we know more about next year’s kids.

Please make sure that you have sent home invitations to all the students you would like to have attend the Moberly summer school this year.  We would like to have a clear picture of how many teachers we will need as soon as possible.  Thanks for your support for this.

Finally, a big welcome to Sonya Adam who will be joining us on Monday – taking over Sousana’s class for the rest of the year.


  1. Karl will be at a workshop at the VSB on Wednesday morning and Patti will attend on  Wednesday afternoon.
  2. Patti and Carly at the Community Link Governance meeting on Thursday morning.
  3. Health & Safety Committee meeting on Friday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom.

Have a great week everyone!



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