Weekly Message #7-31

i-miss-my-mom         8 9

Thanks to Barb for coming out to David’s gig this weekend.  The band was great!  The weekend as usual is flying by and I am feeling very pampered on Mother’s Day as David is making waffles and bacon for brunch.  Adam is at work all day but assures me he has a card for me later. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed the hip hop presentation on Friday – it certainly seemed to be a hit with the kids.  I am looking forward to meeting with the performance selection committee on Tuesday at lunch to make some choices for next year.  They did such a good job this year!

I hope you are all feeling “appreciated” after Friday’s amazing lunch from the PAC.  They are an incredible group – small and mighty!  They have sincere appreciation for all that you do for their kids.

Another busy week coming up.  Lacey is coming to work with me on Monday this week if anyone wants a visit.


  1. Summer school teachers meeting in Room 103 at lunch on Monday.
  2. Performance Selection committee meeting in Patti’s office at lunch on Tuesday.
  3. PAC meeting on Tuesday night.  Staff are always welcome to attend if interested.
  4. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.
  5. PAC Hot lunch on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!  Long weekend coming up.

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