Weekly Message #7-36

IMG_2455We are feeling lucky that weather stayed nice enough for the backyard engagement party we went to on Friday night.  David’s cousin’s son is getting married.  The highlight for us (and Lacey) was that this is the cousin who set us up with Lacey’s breeder.  They have two dogs from the same line and her son has two dogs as well.  So… there were four full grown Havanese dogs and Lacey in their huge backyard with a water feature.  If Lacey was a person, she would have been laughing her head off with joy.  The dogs ran around the yard all night playing together, in and out of the water!

Busy week coming up with continuing interviews and class casting.  We have not successfully filled any of our jobs yet but are working on it.

Grad is coming up next week and all lunch orders were due on Friday the 16th.  If you have an order, please make sure we get it first thing Monday morning as the numbers need to go in to the caterer.

It’s retirement party week for me – three friends are having parties this week and then there is my party on Friday.  I am so excited to celebrate with all of you and couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who has had a part in planning my big day.  More to come on that note – next week.


  1. Reports due on Monday, June 19th – odds to Patti, evens to Karl.
  2. Class casting for 5 to 6 on Monday at 11:00 in the staffroom.
  3. Postponed Watermania for Divs. 1,2 & 3 on Monday afternoon at 2:45 in the upper grass field.
  4. Karen Rosberg’s (former Moberly teacher) retirement at the Arbutus Club at 4:00 on Monday.
  5. Class Casting for 4 to 5 on Tuesday at 11:00 in the staffroom.
  6. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Maggie will be in charge.
  7. Class casting for 3 to 4 on Thursday at 11:00 in the staffroom.
  8. Student Council Wrap Up party at lunch on Thursday in the library.
  9. Health & Safety Meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the staffroom.  Interested new members are welcome.
  10. Patti will not be in the building during the day on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!


Weekly Message #7-35

Sports Day was an amazing success thanks to all the efforts you made to put it together.   Thank you to Dan for organizing everything for us and to all the staff and teachers for the efforts made to provide the students with such a wonderful day.  Thanks to Kara for warming us all up, too – super 🙂 job!  Thanks to Theresa for the terrific photos.  My favourite quote of the day was the student walking in who turned to his friend and said, “BEST DAY EVER!”

The week ahead is full of casting and interviewing.  You should have the casting schedule but just in case, it is listed below on the weekly events.

Postings close at 4:00 on Monday so we’ll have to get on to shortlisting and interview scheduling asap on Tuesday.  I will chat with those on the committees on Monday.

Water Mania this week.  I am hoping for decent weather as I don’t want to postpone this event.  Don’t forget to send home the info to parents via the agenda sticker.


  1. Class casting K to 1 on Monday at 11:00 in staffroom
  2. SBT with Kathy Grimm (last one for this year) on Tuesday at 11:00 in Room 103.
  3. Water “Mania” for Divs. 7,8, & 9 on Tuesday.  Please gather on the upper grass field at 2:30.
  4. Class casting 1 to 2 on Wednesday at 11:00 in the staffroom
  5. Water “Mania” for Divs. 4,5,& 6 on Wednesday.  Please gather on the upper grass field at 2:30.
  6. Class casting 2 to 3 on Thursday at 11:00 in the staffroom
  7. Water “Mania” for Divs. 1,2 & 3 on Thursday.  Please gather on the upper grass field at 2:30.
  8. Class casting 6 to7 on Friday at 11:00 in the staffroom.

Have a great week everyone!




Weekly Message #7-34

IMG_0420 (1)Sunshine finally!  I am hoping it holds out for Friday in spite of the forecast.  Spent some time in the backyard soaking up the rays with Lacey.  She will be coming to school on Wednesday this week.

Please mark you calendars for a treat.  As you know, Anne Wong is retiring this year.   She is inviting all of us to a luncheon on Thursday.  Please come to the staffroom to enjoy lunch from Anne and William.  Everyone is welcome.

We will review our proposed electronics policy at our Staff Committee meeting on Tuesday – please come prepared with any concerns / questions.


  1. Patti will be in and out on Monday – Superintendent’s meeting first thing in the morning and a workshop in the afternoon.  Karl will be in charge.
  2. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday at 11:00.
  3. Staff Committee meeting on Tuesday at lunch.  Agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by 10:00 on Monday morning please.
  4. The VPD will be here at 1:00 on Tuesday to visit Gr. 4-7 classes to promote their summer activity day. (about 5 mins. per class)
  5. Patti at a meeting at the VSB on Tuesday afternoon.
  6. School Based Team with Deanne Yee on Wednesday at 11:00 in Room 103.  Agendas were distributed last week.
  7. Aboriginal School Based Team – Part 2 on Thursday at 11:00 in Room 103 (Postponed from Friday)
  8. Luncheon sponsored by Anne Wong on Thursday at lunch in the staffroom.
  9. Last day for Resource on Thursday, June 8th.
  10. Sports Day on Friday!

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #7-33

downloadJust returned from buying our hanging baskets for the front of the house.  It must be almost summer time!  How wonderful to enjoy this hot, sunny weather.  Don’t forget your sunscreen.   We are on the home stretch and the coming days will be filled with lots of end of year rituals – both fun and time consuming!  Lacey is looking forward to coming to work on Wednesday this week.

It’s Welcome to Kindergarten this week and I am looking forward to our first look at next year’s batch of new students.  It is always fascinating to see how they manage / interact with each other.  Thanks to Karl, the K teachers and everyone who has helped to put this annual event together.


  1. Vancouver Police Dept reps here on Monday to talk about their special event coming up in early July.  They will be going class to class.
  2. Welcome to Kindergarten on Tuesday 11:00 – 12:10.
  3. Class Casting for Kindergarten on Thursday from 11 – 12 in the staff room.
  4. SSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the library.
  5. Aboriginal School Based Team on Friday – agendas were distributed last week.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #7-32

IMG_1384A long weekend and sunshine – WOW!  Hope you are all taking advantage of this bonus.  We are enjoying a busy weekend with the dogs.  They are settling into a great relationship and are starting to play more actively together.  Lacey is excited to be coming to school on Tuesday this week!  Our big goal this weekend is to complete all the packing and paperwork for Dad’s move to Rosewood Manor on Tuesday.  This is a huge change for him and us.  David and I are looking forward to less responsibility on a daily basis and the freedom that will come with this.

A busy week at school as usual.  I am looking forward to the Volunteer Tea on Wednesday and want to thank Rosemary and the committee for all the work they have done to prepare for this event.

Announcements regarding our new admin will be made this Wednesday morning.  I will have the information and be able to share it with you at our Volunteer Tea at recess time on Wednesday so please make sure you come down to thank our volunteers and receive this important update.

I have Jane’s music group scheduled for Thursday’s assembly.  It feels like they might be someone else who said they wanted to perform.  Please let me know if you approached me about this because I’ve lost that bit of info in my overwhelmed brain. 🙂

Finally, a big thanks to Harj for organizing our annual “Keep Vancouver Spectacular” clean up for this Friday afternoon.  The weather is supposed to be good so it should be enjoyable for all.


  1. Volunteer Tea on Wednesday in the library.  Please come down at recess to join the group.
  2. Prep make ups for the long weekend will happen on Wednesday.  Karl will let affected teachers know the details.
  3. Last student led assembly for the year on Thursday at 9:00 led by Divs. 6 & 7.
  4. Free Freezie Frisbee Fun Day on Thursday at lunch on the upper grass field.  Student Council members will need to be released from class at 11:30 for set up.  Thanks for supporting this school spirit building event.
  5. Health & Safety Meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the staffroom.
  6. Aboriginal School Based Team (Part 1) on Friday at 11:00 in Room 103.  Agendas will go in your boxes on Tuesday.
  7. Keep Vancouver Spectacular neighbourhood clean up on Friday afternoon.

Have a great four day week everyone!

Weekly Message #7-31

i-miss-my-mom         8 9

Thanks to Barb for coming out to David’s gig this weekend.  The band was great!  The weekend as usual is flying by and I am feeling very pampered on Mother’s Day as David is making waffles and bacon for brunch.  Adam is at work all day but assures me he has a card for me later. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed the hip hop presentation on Friday – it certainly seemed to be a hit with the kids.  I am looking forward to meeting with the performance selection committee on Tuesday at lunch to make some choices for next year.  They did such a good job this year!

I hope you are all feeling “appreciated” after Friday’s amazing lunch from the PAC.  They are an incredible group – small and mighty!  They have sincere appreciation for all that you do for their kids.

Another busy week coming up.  Lacey is coming to work with me on Monday this week if anyone wants a visit.


  1. Summer school teachers meeting in Room 103 at lunch on Monday.
  2. Performance Selection committee meeting in Patti’s office at lunch on Tuesday.
  3. PAC meeting on Tuesday night.  Staff are always welcome to attend if interested.
  4. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.
  5. PAC Hot lunch on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!  Long weekend coming up.

Weekly Message #7-30

IMG_1343Finally a little sunshine this weekend!  Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a trend!  David, Lacey and I enjoyed some relaxation time in Steveston – although it was very busy with the tall ship and the artisan market.  Next weekend is “gig” weekend as David’s band will be playing at the ANAF on Friday and Saturday from 7:30 – 12:00.  Please join us if you are interested!  I am planning to bring Lacey to work with me on Monday so puppy lovers are welcome to drop in to my office.

Thanks for your input at the staff committee meeting on Thursday.  It seemed like we covered a lot of important topics in a short, very rushed way.

  • Thanks to Maggie, Robin & Jane for agreeing to review performances for next year.  The committee did a great job of picking this year’s performances so hopefully we will do well again for next year.  I will circulate the Arts Starts selections prior to our meeting together.
  • Our School Plan has been approved.  You can look forward to more discussion in the fall in order to nail down a specific goal.  In the meantime, we were able to buy some new resources related to self-determination and self-regulation through a Community Link Grant.  Jane and Carly will be reviewing the books and support materials.  Please feel free to ask them about the resources and how they could be used with your students.
  • I will prepare a draft brochure on Electronics use for our next Staff Committee meeting.  I’ll try to get it out to you ahead of time so you can have a look and be ready to fine tune it at the meeting
  • Staffing will be an ongoing discussion.  On Monday at lunch, I will show you my take on how to use our staffing for this year.  Please keep in mind that our resource staffing has been reduced by almost 1 FTE so the classroom position vacated by Rick will be needed to provide a position for one of our resource team members.  Also, I will be asking you if you are interested in having Music as your prep next year.  Jane is willing to do two days of music prep (instead of the PE prep currently provided by Georgia) if there is enough interest.

My apologies for the mix up with the performance date for this Friday (not last Friday 🙂 ).  Finally, we can all look forward to a delicious lunch this Friday provided by our PAC.  I’m sure it will be wonderful and it is so nice to be “appreciated”.


  1. Staffing meeting at lunch on Monday
  2. SBT on Tuesday at 11:00 – agendas are in the affected teachers’ boxes.
  3. Ready Set Learn on Tuesday afternoon.  Thanks to Karl for organizing and Narinder for overseeing this event.  Also, thanks to Sonika who will be running the program.
  4. Patti will be at the VSB later on Tuesday afternoon for a meeting.
  5. Grade 7 Grad planning meeting at lunch on Wednesday in Room 103
  6. Patti will be at a workshop on Thursday afternoon at the VSB.
  7. Performance by Metaphor on Friday morning at 9:00 a.m.   Classes will be called down directly after attendance is taken.
  8. Teacher appreciation lunch on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

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