Weekly Message #16

Well folks, this is it!  The final week before the Winter Break is upon us.  The students are flying high on Christmas energy and extra sugar while we are exhausted by holiday shopping, parties and a long fall term.  This week will fly by of course but don’t forget to breathe and be good to yourselves amidst the chaos.

Speaking of chaos, as of Friday I will be returning to my chaotic home environment where hopefully, we can begin to bring some sense to all the boxes and find the mysterious missing items we are needing to carry on.  As I have told many of you, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Carleton.  The students are such sweet and interesting little people.  As a staff, you have been marvelous – supportive, welcoming and forgiving of my gaps in knowledge about your school.  I leave you in Adrienne’s capable hands knowing she is very fortunate to be joining the Carleton family.  The choice to work with you all is one I am happy I made.  I will miss you but will be very happy to be back on retirement time!

HampersThank you to Brenda with assistance from Lori and Ronnie for coordinating the delivery / pick up of Christmas hampers.  There is a lot of work involved with securing, assigning and dispersing the hampers and Brenda has been working on this project for many weeks.  Our families are very lucky to have such wonderful support from our school.

Rose and I will draw the winners for the door decorating contest on Monday morning.  There are so many beautiful doors to choose from that it makes me glad that we are doing a random draw for the winner.  I wouldn’t want to choose between you.

A special thank you in advance to all the people who have worked to make our Winter Concert special this Thursday.  I am looking forward to hearing all the children performing – a special gift at this time of year.

As we prepare for the Winter Break, please be aware that this is prime cleaning time for our custodial staff.  Your room should be prepared accordingly with chairs up and counters clear so that a thorough cleaning can be done.  Thank you.


  1. Caroling daily in the front hall from 8:30 – 9:00.  All are welcome
  2. Primary carols in the gym from 9- 9:50 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Supervision aide meeting in Patti’s office on Monday at 11:05.
  4. Cocoa and cookies to the Door draw winners at 11:05 on Wednesday.
  5. Health & safety meeting in Patti’s office on Thursday at 11:05.
  6. Winter Concert at 1:00 on Thursday afternoon in the gym.  Santa will be there with a bag of candy canes for your class.  Please make sure to pick a student ahead of time to retrieve the bag.

Have a great final week everyone and Happy Holidays to you all!

Weekly Message #15

Thanks to the Spirit Club for planning a great Christmas Dress Up Day.  Our school was definitely full of Spirit on Thursday!

Thursday night’s “Cocoa and Carols” was well attended by both Carleton and Cunningham families.  The parents were very organized and enthusiastic.  I would encourage you to drop in next year if you can.  It was a very positive community building experience.

A couple of housekeeping issues:

  • Please note that the kitchen next to the activity room is not to be used unless arrangements have been made ahead of time.  It does not get cleaned regularly and any food or dishes left in there are an attraction for mice.  (One ran through the activity room on Wednesday night at the Family Cooking workshop!)
  • Starting in January, the Kindergarten students will be encouraged to expand their play space beyond the adventure playground.  They will be allowed to play in the field or the Peace Garden.  Please take the time to chat with your students about being safe around our youngest learners and the importance of providing a positive model for them when playing.

Door decorations are going up around the school and it’s been fun seeing all the different projects / outcomes.  A draw from the Carleton doors will be done next Friday (I think) to determine the winning class who will receive cocoa and cookies during the last week.

Please continue to encourage your students to bring in non-perishable food items for the Christmas train.  Together we can make a difference for families in need over the holidays.

Thank you to Karin for sponsoring the riddle a day contest!  It’s been fun trying to guess so far and I know that people love getting the little prizes.


  1. Adrienne Stewardson will be here on Monday morning and I will bring her around to meet the classes.  Please come to the staffroom at recess to meet her in person.
  2. SSA meeting in the library at 8:08 on Tuesday morning.
  3. Carleton PAC meeting at 9:00 in Patti’s office on Tuesday morning.
  4. Patti and Rose off site at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Julio and Keilah are in charge.
  5. Aboriginal SBT cont’d on Friday at 11:05 in Patti’s office.
  6. Staff party this Friday at 3:30 at Bells and Whistles.  Hoping you can drop in for some celebration time.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #14

xmas 2Better late than never (I hope!)   Winter is settling in and the weather forecasters are starting to talk about SNOW!  Let’s hope Mother Nature waits until the break before blessing us with snowflakes.  These last few weeks before the holiday will fly by with lots of special events coming up and lots of excitement from the children.  Make sure to take time to breathe.

We will be wrapping up our Superheroes theme before the break as we move from identifying personal superpowers to thinking about using and developing our personal superpowers.  Thank you all for your input.  Your class results will be coming your way today or tomorrow.

I am living amid piles of boxes and am trying to be comfortable with the concept of not being able to find things.  As it sits right now, I don’t have any cheques, can’t find our pots / frying pans and have no idea where many of the items we use in daily life ended up in the pile.  It will all become clear in time as we settle in and search. 🙂

I spoke with Adrienne last week and she is not able to attend our assembly on December 6th but will be coming for a visit on Monday, December 9th.  We will walk around and meet students class by class that morning.


  1. Super Science Field Trip for selected students on Monday.
  2. Kidsafe Parent Workshop 5-7 on Wednesday
  3. Christmas Dress Up Day  on Thursday – sponsored by Spirit Club.  Show your spirit by dressing in red or green – or maybe pull out that ugly Christmas sweater!
  4. Cocoa and carols on Thursday evening 6:30 – 8:00
  5. Assembly on Friday morning at 9:10.
  6. Choir to Shannon Oaks on Friday morning.  Patti’s centre will be closed to cover Esther’s class.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #13

Play Day

I really enjoyed my first “Play Day” and was fascinated to see the many activities and interactions that were going on inside and outside!  We were blessed with the weather and I was pleased to see so many students take advantage of the opportunity to play outside with their school friends.

Members of the School Spirit Club will be dropping off boxes in your rooms to support the annual canned food drive.  Please encourage students to donate non-perishable foods.  I understand that classes usually decorate the box and when it is full, it gets added to the “Christmas train”.

Daniella is ahead of the curve as Cunningham and Carleton will be having a door decorating contest.  Rose and I will be picking a winning door for each of our schools.  The winning class will receive hot chocolate and biscuits as their prize.

Please remind students who are eating their “Food for Schools” lunch outside that they need to put the empty containers in the appropriate bin in the lunchroom – not in other recycling containers.

Next week we will be focusing on identifying students’ individual superpowers.  A class list will be placed in your box so that you can record their answers.  Thanks for your participation.


  1. It’s moving day on Saturday so I am taking Monday off.  Julio will be in charge.  Please note that Rose will also be away that day and Susan Wagner will be in charge at Cunningham.
  2. Patti & Rose will be at the Area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Julio and Keilah in charge.
  3. Health & Safety Meeting in Patti’s office on Thursday at 11:05
  4. Superpower sheets due in Patti’s box by noon on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #12

JannSpent Thursday evening in the theatre at the River Rock Casino.  What an excellent venue to enjoy a show.  I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it.  Small audience, no bad seats and a chance to have a more personal connection to the performer.  Jann Arden was wonderful as always.  Fabulous music and lots of witty comedy!

Thanks in advance for your support and patience as the office gets a new floor.  The whole process is supposed to take three days so hopefully they will be finished by the end of Tuesday.  This is definitely a short term pain – long term gain situation.

At our Staff Committee meeting on Wednesday, we will be taking some time to discuss our remedy plan (due to VSB before Nov. 30).


  1. CSL Lunch and learn in the library on Tuesday at lunch.
  2. Lock down drill on Tuesday at 1:15.  Members of the VPD will be here to check out how we do so please review the procedures outlined in your orange and yellow flipbook.
  3. Patti and Rose will be in an online meeting from 9:30 – 10:30 on Wednesday morning.
  4. School Based Team on Wednesday at 11:00 will focus on Grade 8 placements and Div. 1.  Agenda in Julio’s box by Monday
  5. Staff Committee on Wednesday at lunch in Patti’s office.  Please give any agenda items to Daniella by Monday at 3:00 pm so that the agenda can be distributed on Tuesday.
  6. PLAY DAY on Thursday.  A joint letter from Rose and me went home today to students outlining expectations and plans.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #11

poppyA heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to our Remembrance Day Assembly this week.  It was a truly beautiful tribute.  Kudos to the Kindergartens who I felt did remarkably well with the expectations for silence.

Thanks also to Marty for his wonderful workshop on CSL reporting.  The resources provided were excellent and will be really useful as move in to this new model for reporting.  Make sure to take note of your questions so that you can learn more on Nov. 19th at the Lunch and Learn.

I am looking forward to the Gr. 8 transition workshop I am attending at Garibaldi this afternoon.  Our SBT in November will be focused on Gr. 8 programs and making sure to make applications before deadlines.


  1. PAC meeting in staffroom at 9:30 on Tuesday.
  2. Patti at a meeting off site on Tuesday afternoon.  Julio will be in charge.
  3. Movie night on Friday from 3 – 5.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #10

Thank you everyone for supporting our Superhero theme on Halloween!  I really appreciate the efforts you made with students and with your own costumes too!

Our annual Remembrance Day Assembly is coming up this week.  Please take the time to talk with your students about the solemn nature of this assembly – no clapping, no talking.  We will have an early recess that day at 10:30 in the hopes that all classes can be seated and ready to go at 11:00.  Programs will be in your boxes next week – it promises to be a beautiful tribute to those who sacrificed for our freedom.  Thank you to everyone who will contribute to making this important event come together.


  1. Patti (and Rose) at CSL meeting at VSB for first part of the morning on Tuesday.
  2. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday at 11:05 in Patti’s office
  3. Aaron Davis (Director of Instruction) here for a visit with Rose and Patti on Tuesday (12:00 – 1:30)
  4. Remembrance Day Assembly at 11:00 on Thursday
  5. Pro-D Day on Friday.  Please make sure to indicate where you will be on that day on the office sign up sheet.

Have a great week everyone!

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