Moberly Weekly Message #33

A few requests as we head in to June-
Pinks and Blues – please take the time to do a thorough job of filling out the information on your slips so that we can do our best to form balanced classes. If you notice that any information is not helpful on these slips or conversely if there is something missing, please make a note to share this so that we can improve the forms for next year.
Field Trips -’tis the season! Thank you for being conscientious about your 1 to 10 ratios. If you are considering taking an SSSA with you on your trips, please make sure that coverage is available including for breaks. Also, please let Dawn or Patti know.
Receipts / Requests for reimbursement -there are a few expenses which come up at this time of year that need to be reimbursed. Please make sure that you submit original, itemized receipts which are limited to school purchases only. Transaction receipts from credit / debit cards are not adequate back up. This is a directive from VSB accounting.


1. Supervision aide meeting on Monday so no Sup Aides available for class use. Also, we will be booking all four Sup Aides for class casting on June 9, 13,14,16, 20, 21 and 22.

2. Sports Day Ctte meeting at lunch on Monday in Kevin’s room.

3. Patti and Dawn will be at a meeting at the VSB on Wednesday morning.

4. Meeting to form Sports Day teams after school on Thursday.

Have a great week everyone.


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