Moberly Weekly Message #32

Here comes June! Hope you all had a chance to enjoy a few rays of sun this weekend. When I was driving home on Friday, the radio reported that this was the worst May for hours of sunlight since 1960. Let’s hope a change is in the works for June.

Div. 9 is off to camp this week along with a number of staff members. Please note that Sheila’s Resource Centre and the library will be closed Tuesday – Thursday as a result.


1. On Tuesday morning, we will have our “Welcome to Kindergarten” program. We have 64 students registered for K with 4 on a waitlist – best numbers in a long time! They will have a great first experience with us thanks to the organization by Dawn and the K teachers. Thank you.

2. There is a meeting for all Moberly Summer School teachers on Wednesday at noon in the library with Paula Saar. We will have 7 divisions at summer school this year. The teachers are: Brenden, Peggy, Gwen, Sousana, Christine, Cynthia and Marilyn. Cynthia and Marilyn will be the co-head teachers.

3. Our last SSA meeting for this year will be on Thursday at 8:15 in the resource room.

4. Staff Committee meeting on Thursday at lunch please give agenda items to Paul by Tuesday so that we can prepare an agenda for you.

Have a great week everyone.


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